Awards Introduction

The CaSPA Board, on behalf of the State & Territory Associations, is committed to promoting excellence in Catholic Secondary Education. CaSPA conducts an Awards Ceremony as part of the Biennial National CaSPA Conference.

*** Next Awards will be presented at the CaSPA Conference in Perth 2024***

Current CaSPA Awards

General Eligibility for All Awards

  • The nominee must be a serving Principal in a Catholic Secondary School in Australia
  • An exception to this applies in the case where a past CaSPA Board Member, who was ineligible for nomination while serving as a Director, will be eligible for nomination at the Award ceremony immediately following their resignation as a Director even if they are no longer serving as a Principal.
  • The nominee must be registered for the Conference where the Award is to be made.

Excellence in Leadership Award

To recognise the Principal who has demonstrated high levels of Leadership across a broad range of areas related to Catholic Secondary Education.

Meritorious Service Award

For those Catholic Secondary Principals who have completed a significant number of years as a principal or as an Office Bearer at the Local and / or National Association Level

  • Principals in their 15th, 20th and 25th year of service will be recognised at the Conference.
  • Principals in their 25th year will receive a CaSPA Award
  • Office Bearers service needs to be 12 years as either a local office holder [President, Secretary, Treasurer or equivalent] and / or CaSPA Director. The time does not need to be in consecutive years and may include concurrent years at the local association and national level.

Leadership Development Scholarship

CaSPA provides a scholarship to the value of $5000 annually for a current principal. See details in the Awards link on the main menu above.