Darren Atkinson



Darren Atkinson

Current School

Aquinas College, Ringwood Vic

Previous Position

Principal, St Joseph’s College, Mildura Vic

First Year as a Principal


The hope for my current school is

To find a rewarding pathway for every child.

The Joy of Principalship is

The opportunity to provide an environment in which young people can flourish.

A Book I would recommend

Creating the Schools Our Children Need: Why What We're Doing Now Won't Help Much (And What We Can Do Instead) by Dylan Wiliam

My valued Well-Being Strategy

Getting out on the bike trails

Advice for a Beginning Principal

Switch off email alerts on your phone.

Inspiring Leadership Quote

“When in doubt … err on the side of generosity” Dr Peter Casey

What title would you give to your TED Talk or Book

Fake it til you make it

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