Ann Rebgetz

Current School

St James College, Spring Hill, Brisbane, Qld

Previous Position

St Columban’s College, Caboolture, Qld

First Year as a Principal


The hope for my current school is

That our Muticultural, Multifaith, Multiskilled, Multilingual students achieve Multisuccess!

The Joy of Principalship is

Seeing Communities Grow in Learning and Aspirations to Believe in Themselves and have High Hopes for the Future! This includes students, staff, parents, carers, supporters!

A Book I would recommend

Boy Swallows Universe

Fun Fact about me

I enjoy life, family, friends, and try and make the most of it!

My valued Well-Being Strategy

Make time for your family, team, colleagues and friends – keep calm, and enjoy healthy pursuits you know energise you!

Advice for a Beginning Principal

Seek advice, have confidence in yourself, keep a strong sense of purpose as a moral compass, talk to your colleagues, take time out to relax, develop your filters in making decisions around students eg “family, factory, jungle,cathedral” to maintain a balanced approach.

Inspiring Leadership Quote

Leading in a culture of change means creating a culture (not just a structure) of change. It does not mean adopting innovations, one after another; it does mean producing the capacity to seek, critically assess, and selectively incorporate new ideas and practices—all the time, inside the organization as well as outside it. ( Michael Fullan)

What title would you give to your TED Talk or Book

Creating an Aspirational Culture in a Global Context

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