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Part of CaSPA's charter is to promote Excellence in Leadership. Principals will have the opportunity to partake in relevant formal study to improve their leadership knowledge and skills.

The CaSPA Board is offering an annual scholarship - currently to the value of $5000 to assist a Principal to undertake further study in Educational Leadership.

Previous Recipients

Year  Name  School  State  Course
2017  Mary Farah St Aloysius Vic  Leadership Course (Harvard School of Grad Education)
2018  Daniel Delmage Trinity College, Auburn NSW  Leadership Course (Harvard School of Grad Education)
2019 Trazel Scott Hennessy Catholic College NSW Women in Leadership Course (Harvard School of Grad Education)

Nomination Protocols

Nominations for the CaSPA Leadership Development Scholarship will be open to all Secondary School Principals working within the Catholic Education Sector who are members, through their State/Territory Principals' Association, of Catholic Secondary Principals Australia [CaSPA]. Such nominations, together with appropriate documentations will be submittted to the Executive of the Catholic Principals' Association in each respective State or Territory and should address the Award Selection Criteria as outlined.

State and Territory Associations will evaluate all submissions and forward the successful nomination to the CaSPA Board.

The CaSPA Board, comprising a Director from each State and Territory Catholic Jurisdiction, will make the final recommendation for the CaSPA Leadership Development Scholarship.

  • This is an annual award and is not tied to the biennial conference.
  • Successful candidates are expected to submit a Report and / or a Presentation at a relelvant conference.
  • Nominations are to reach the CaSPA Executive Officer no later than October 30 each year so that a decision can be made at the November Board meeting.
  • Current CaSPA Board members are ineligible for nomination.